Keir Starmer insists Brexit agreement with EU is a ‘bad deal’

Sir Keir Starmer has said his meeting with President Emmanuel Macron this afternoon was “constructive and prepositive”.

The Labour leader said they talked about shared interests including “future prosperity and security”, as well as Sir Keir’s pledge to strengthen Anglo-Brussels ties if Labour win next year’s General Election.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Sir Keir merely said the talks covered a “wide range of topics” relating to “global politics”.

He added: “We had a very constructive and positive meeting, which as you can imagine covered a wide range of issues”.

”It was my first opportunity to say how much I value the relationship between our two countries, particularly when it comes to prosperity and security and how, if we are privileged enough to be elected into power, we intend to build on that relationship and make it even stronger than it is today.

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“We had a very political discussion covering a lot of issues to do with global politics but also it was that opportunity to look at future prosperity, future security, some of the most pressing issues on my mind, on the president’s mind.”

The Labour leader refused to say whether he believes the French premier is hoping for a Labour victory.

The talks came amid growing fears Labour will take Britain back into Brussels’ orbit should they win the next general election.

Sir Keir has now said he wants to renegotiate Brexit if he becomes PM, focusing on areas such as “Business, veterinary compliance, professional services, security, innovation, and research”.

While his plans have been derided by one EU expert as “delusion”, this afternoon it emerged France and Germany are cooking up a plan that could see Britain re-enter the EU via the back door.

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The two Euro countries are pushing plans to create a two-tier EU, with an inner circle of members as well as associate membership, which could include Britain.

Top Remoaner Lord Heseltine has now said Britain must “urgently” explore the proposal, now the “majority of people in Britain see Brexit as a mistake”.

The former top Tory, who has spent years trying to reverse the 2016 referendum result, said: “The dam is breaking and there is increasingly a move towards integrating with Europe”.

Sir Keir confirmed his plans for a major Brexit renegotiation in an interview with the FT, from a weekend conference of centre-left leaders in Canada.

The Labour leader said that “as a dad” it is his duty to renegotiate Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, bringing the UK closer to the orbit of Brussels despite previous pledges not to reverse Britain’s exit from the bloc.

In response, Nigel Farage warned it would take just two years of a Starmer Government for Labour to reverse Britain’s exit and transform it into a “Brexit in name only”.

Sir Keir and President Macron exchanged gifts during the pair’s meeting, with Mr Macron receiving a personalised football shirt from the Labour’s leader’s club Arsenal.

Mr Macron gifted him a pair of cufflinks in return.

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