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    A woman who makes it her priority to only date married men has revealed her Christmas gift list from her lovers who all buy her presents from Santa each year. She claims the taken blokes often buy her lavish presents often including holidays and expensive travels abroad – this year there's even one trip worth a whopping £5,000 to Central America.

    Gweneth Lee, has been an active mistress for decades apparently enjoying the time and attention of men who have already tied the knot with other women. She claims she is an expert in landing "rich" men who can support her extravagant lifestyle – and uses her sensuality to keep them coming back for more despite betraying their wives.

    The 54-year-old says that there's a reason why the married men flock to her time and time again. Gweneth explained that she offers an "emotional vacation" for her married lovers who need time out away from their lives.

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    As December 25 and the festive week is just days away, the professional mistress and 'life coach' has revealed her impressive wish list which she sends to her paramours around December in the hopes of finding gifts under her tree – from Costa Rica trips costing £5,000 to new cars – all in return for her nights of passion and companionship.

    "I had two different lovers pay for this trip," Gweneth explained. "One got the flights, so I could fly down in business class. And the second man paid for the whole retreat itself, so it was a combination."

    Business class seats can cost many thousands of pounds, but, of course, they offer lie-flat seating for sleeping, better food and unlimited booze plus designer amenities kits. The service also goes the extra mile – one reporter got to try business class and revealed some of the best perks you can enjoy.

    The mistress added: "Right now, with lovers and the holidays, it’s all about connecting. We’ll go for dinners and do fun things, such as spa days to have a massage. Most of the men I meet during the day, however, if I’m seeing them during business trips in the city, then we’ll grab dinner – but go back to our separate rooms at the end of the night.”

    Gweneth, says she prefers deeper connections with her harem of married men, but that the mountains of gifts she receives at the end of the year are also appreciated. Her birthday falls in November so around this time of year it's presents galore from her many lovers.

    She said: '"I mostly get candles and perfumes, anything beautiful like that, as well as expensive lingerie and Wolford stockings. One of them had paid thousands recently for part of my trip across Africa, and someone has gifted me a car before.

    “I got a fur coat one Christmas but I usually put up my 'Wishtender' where I ask for clothing and jewellery." Wishtender is an app which you can use to list items you would like to receive as presents – a bit like a wedding registry but for other occasions like your mistresses birthday and Christmas celebrations.

    The mistress added: "A lot of the men are looking for ease and comfort – so if they get this, then it can be bought and shipped straight to my house. I’m in a lovely new home and really into art, so that’s also on my list too."

    This Christmas, Gweneth will be spending the big day with her family in California, US, where she spends half of the year. She spends the other half in London where she can see her married lovers without impunity.

    Currently, she’s dating a total of five married men, one of which is going through a divorce, but she says that boundaries have been put in place to keep things smooth and to stop her from devolving into a "therapist" burdened by her lovers' problems in life.

    Gweneth added: "I’m having to practice detachment, as I can’t do anything to help these men past give them an intimate connection. And I’m not ready to become a therapist. I don’t want to become a complication for them, and I do love the emotional connection, but sometimes I have to take a step back.

    "Being a mistress is about having fun, but also creating a safe haven for both of you to enjoy a little escapism. It’s simple. Wife = mother of children, mistress = confidant. I get to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no questions or limitations – and mostly importantly, all for free."

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