An abandoned hotel kitted out with dozens of luxury extras has been listen on sale for £8million – but there is a catch.

The building on the coast in Laguna, Brazil, boasts hundreds of rooms for guests, along with extravagant extras including a tennis court, pool, bar and a full nightclub.

But after being left deserted for nearly a decade and a half, hotel Itapirubá requires some serious repair work. It originally opened back in 1978.

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The hotel closed its doors for good 14 years ago, in 2009. The business cited management issues for the closure.

Hotel Itapirubá will soon go up for auction in weeks at £8million, but it will require the buyer to invest some serious cash into it. If they want to restore it to its former glory,

According to Sun Online, chilling images of the 60,000 square-meter site were shared, showing the extent of the neglect. Prompting speculation over whether it should be renovated or demolished.

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The publication added that there are similar other real estate up for grabs, including a 22-storey beach hotel building in Tenerife.

The site has remained vacant for more than 50 years. It would be a monumental task to restore the 741 individual apartments to an inhabitable state.

And in North Korea, the enormous Ryugyong Hotel has dominated the Pyongyang skyline for decades – despite hosting no guests. The £1.6billion triangular hotel has never hosted a single guest, and has been dubbed the "Hotel of Doom".

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The Daily Star previously reported that an urban explorer has stepped inside a spooky abandoned wedding venue filled with burnt-out ballrooms and creepy paintings on the wall – but he thinks it has potential.

Dave Myers, 40, who runs the popular pages Rotheram Urbex with Dave and Urbex Dave, spoke to the Daily Star to discuss what he found in the creepy spot.

He headed down to the old Humber Bridge Country Hotel to look around the site in the shadow of the Humber Bridge in Barton upon-Humber.

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The hotel was the victim of its parent company going into liquidation in 2020 and has stood empty ever since 2021, visited now only by explorers.

In another report, the owner of a hotel "haunted by dead guests who bite visitors" has said of her paranormal friends: "It’s their world, I’m just living in it."

The Baker Hotel and Spa just outside Mineral Wells, Texas, USA, opened in 1929 and went through many iterations before closing its doors in 1972 and now there are plans to restore the building.

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