As 2024 approaches, globetrotters planning their next adventure have been presented with a cautionary guide to the world’s most perilous destinations. A groundbreaking interactive risk map, crafted by the esteemed consultancy firm International SOS, has illuminated regions where intrepid travellers might encounter political unrest, violence, and crime.

In a groundbreaking move, the Risk Map now incorporates a layer detailing climate change risks, providing an even more comprehensive overview for those with a penchant for exploration.

Unsurprisingly, the list of countries grappling with an “extreme” security risk includes war-torn nations like Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, and Libya.

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However, on the flip side of danger lies an unexpected revelation — Libya, despite being deemed one of the world’s most perilous countries, has garnered praise from visitors who describe it as “spectacular”.

Libya, nestled in North Africa and long plagued by political instability and conflict, seems to defy conventional wisdom as some travellers recount awe-inspiring experiences within its borders. TripAdvisor user Peter Glazier, after visiting Leptis Magna, said: “This is, by far, the most spectacular of the Roman cities outside of Italy.”

Glazier’s comments echoes the sentiment that, despite its precarious status, Libya holds gems of historical significance that captivate those who dare to explore.

Another TripAdvisor user, Neddyirl, shared admiration for Roman Sabratha, stating: “This ancient attraction is one of the most beautiful and intact Roman ruins I have ever visited. Awe-inspiring.”

Such testimonials suggest that Libya’s historical sites, like the well-preserved Roman ruins, provide a captivating journey through time for those willing to venture into its borders.

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Even the historic site of Cyrene has not escaped the accolades of adventurous tourists. TripAdvisor user ExPatinNica remarked: “Ancient Greek and Roman ruins, unspoiled, not crowded. The climate in the Green Mountains is great. As another reviewer said, you can walk all day and not see it all. It’s an experience you will never forget.”

Despite being ensconced in a region fraught with challenges, Libya’s historical treasures seem to beckon travellers seeking a unique and unforgettable adventure.

While the International SOS Risk Map serves as a sobering reminder of the perils that can accompany exploration, the juxtaposition of Libya’s danger rating with glowing reviews from visitors underscores the paradoxical nature of this intriguing destination.

As travellers weigh the risks against the allure of Libya’s historical wonders, the world watches to see if the country will become a surprising contender for those seeking an extraordinary and, perhaps, perilous experience in 2024.

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