A Russian soldier has cheated death when a bullet struck him in the chest and embedded into his smartphone.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite was shattered but the unnamed Russian fighter was left scratch free. Not a mark was left on the soldier who has since said he did not realise the shot had been fired until after the impact.

His phone was left completely ruined by the powerful blast, leaving a hole and a bit of the bullet still embedded in the back of the device, but the soldier has survived the "combat mission".

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The troop has since spoken of the lead-up and immediate fallout of receiving a sniper shot to the chest while in active duty during the war in Ukraine.

He was asked: "You realised immediately that the sniper had fired [at you], right?" The soldier replied: "I heard one bang, yes, there was only one shot."

Dodging death and being labelled "lucky" by the interviewer, the Russian soldier went on to explain there were "no explosions after that" and "the bullet was stuck in the phone".

The bullet had managed to work its way between the thick sheets of armour worn by the bloke and embedded itself into his smartphone. Had it not been for the smartphone, the man would almost certainly have been killed.

A Telegram channel has since confirmed the incident and that the bullet had managed to hit the soldier but not cause any serious or concerning damage.

It read: "The fighter was shot by a sniper while performing his combat mission. The enemy bullet slipped between the plates of his body armour and hit his phone without causing serious damage to our soldier."

The Russian soldier's survival comes as a stalemate between the Kremlin forces and defending Ukrainian troops continues, with an expert speaking to the Daily Star on the likelihood of surrender on either side.

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