An ex-prisoner who worked with Becky Watt’s “shifty” killer inside HMP Bronzefield is “shocked” that her release was granted.

Shauna Hoare helped boyfriend Nathan Matthews suffocate and dismember the 16-year-old schoolgirl with a knife and circular saw in a sexually motivated kidnap plot.

But the evil killer tasted freedom last week after serving eight years of her 17-year manslaughter sentence.

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The barbaric murder shocked Britain in 2015 and Hoare being out has caused public anger – especially with Becky’s mum.

And now, speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Hoare’s former wing mate and colleague Emily Duff spoke to us about what she was like inside.

She said: “To find out she was released after only serving eight years… initially I was really shocked. I think it is absolutely disgusting.

“I got eight years for a drug related offence due to an abusive relationship I was in and served four. She got 17 years and served eight.

“It is funny because we would have gone into prison roughly around the same time and my licence conditions ended yesterday.

“If I was to have served my full sentences we would have served the same amount of time.

“Yes, drugs destroy a lot of lives and I do understand that but I couldn’t cut up someone’s body with a saw and put it in a suitcase.

“I just don’t think they compare and that is the frustrating side of the criminal justice system when you look at things from that perspective.”

Former drug runner Emily, now 32, was in HMP Bronzefield in Surrey from 2016 to 2018 and worked with Hoare in the salon.

They both did hairdressing and beauty courses offered by the prison and as such spent five days a week together – and she sensed something chilling about her fellow inmate.

Emily, who shares her experiences on TikTok, said: “She was very calm, came across very timid and it was probably difficult to understand that she could have done something like that.

“But there was something about her that I just wasn’t quite sure of.

“I had this feeling, I don’t know whether it’s because in the back of my head I knew what she had been a part of, but there was an aura she gave off.

“She could be chatty but not overly and she never got overly friendly with lots of people.”

As for personal interactions, she continued: “I would only talk to her if it was absolutely necessary like if we were in the salon and it was something work related.

“I would never sit down and find out about who she was as a person having known what she had done.

“I couldn’t really get past that and obviously Becky was such a young girl at the time as well.

“I think it’s such a savage case. Regardless of what you might be going through as a person, what they did to Becky is completely… you can’t fathom it.”

As for whether she thinks Hoare displayed remorse, she added: ”I don’t know because I would have had to have had a conversation about her crime but she wasn’t someone who had those conversations with anybody.

“She came across quite nervous. I think she was quite nervous a lot of the time of people’s reactions but I also thought she was a little bit shifty as well.”

Hoare is now 29 and since her release has been spotted shopping while enjoying the sunshine.

Outraged, Becky’s mum Tanya told Bristol Live how Hoare was “evil” and should not have been allowed out.

Her daughter was last seen alive on February 19, 2015.

She was targeted by sick lovers Matthews and Hoare who were obsessed with teenagers and threesomes.

Becky died after being suffocated in her bedroom before her body was put in the boot of a car.

After killing her, the deranged couple ordered takeaway and played Monopoly.

They tried to cover their tracks by chopping up the body in a bathtub before stashing parts in suitcases.

Becky’s remains were eventually found 12 days later near the flat of Matthews and Hoare in Bristol.

Matthews, who was Becky’s stepbrother and murderer, remains locked up after being jailed for a minimum of 33 years.

After Hoare’s release, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice said: “We know this will be an incredibly difficult time for Becky Watts’ loved ones and our heartfelt thoughts remain with them.

“Offenders like Shauna Hoare face some of the strictest licence conditions and can be put back behind bars if they break the rules at any point. We’ve also since changed the law so the most heinous offenders face longer than ever in prison.”

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