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    'Polite and well endowed' Brits are flocking to a 'one-stop shop' city in Germany with the world's largest brothel.

    'Pascha', believed to be the biggest brothel in the world, is a 9,000sqm, 12-storey building located in Cologne that can welcome up to 1,000 customers a day.

    German-based Lust Magazine this year named Cologne, along the Rhine River in western Germany, the world's most sexually liberated city.

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    And it's easy to see why. One bloke from Manchester, who wanted to remain anonymous, told The Sun: “It’s great here. Everything I need in one-stop shop. Booze, girls and clubbing.”

    He was speaking specifically about Pascha, but his comments are true of the city that boasts several sex destinations that also have thumping music to keep the party going.

    The sex trade is worth around 14.5billion euros in annual revenue in Germany, where 33,000 registered sex workers ply their trade in 3,000 brothels. It is believed there are as many as 300,000 sex workers when the unregistered are accounted for.

    “Brits here cause the least problems,” a security guard told The Sun at Pascha, a "mini city" beside a Lidl.

    “You tell them to stop, they stop. We always get more in when football is being played over here.”

    The city's brothels are expecting a wave of a host of European nations' people when Germany hosts the European Championships next summer, with Cologne providing one of the venues.

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    Sex, touching and oral sex will set punters back £88 inside Pascha, where girls line the red lit corridors in the hope of bagging someone.

    "We get Brits in every day. I’ve never had a British man with a small d***. They’re all huge. We love them," a Romanian sex worker claims.

    While there was a lot of love for the Brits, a bouncer at another brothel across the street, Das Bordell, recalled a horror story.

    In March a drunk British tourist, 26, ploughed his car into the front of the brothel after his friend, who was reportedly 'dissatisfied' with his experience, had a fight with security when he refused to pay.

    "But that isn’t normal for us here. Brits are normally great," the bouncer, called Dimitri, added. He couldn't resist another swipe though, saying that they pay the girls for everything "but only end up touching and don’t have sex, because they are so drunk."

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    Another option is Eifeltor industrial estate, where sex workers wait for customers in 10 to 15 caravans. The space between the vans is just large enough to park a car.

    Sex there is cut price, and will set you back around £40.

    One Brit who enjoyed this option wrote on a punting forum: "I went with my wife and part of the fun of the experience was pulling up in the layby, walking up the set of vans, checking the goods, going back to the car – driving up 50 yards and repeating till you found what you were looking for – then doing the checks again just to make sure!

    "It was raining and in January it was cold – so a gas heater was on, candles in the van to make it 'romantic'.

    "The wife and I had 90 mins of fun. Its dirty, seedy, naughty and a lot of fun!"

    Sex work was legalised in Germany in 2002 by then-chancellor Gerhard Schröder but it is now under threat as new man Olaf Scholz announcing curbs on sex work, having declared it “morally wrong”.

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