Kenya plans to offer visa-free entry to all foreign travelers beginning in January. The announcement coincides with the country’s 60th Independence Day anniversary.

The shift to a visa-free regime does not mean Kenya will allow
unrestricted entry to all travelers. The government is set to introduce a
digital platform for electronic travel authorization. This system will
replace traditional visas, ensuring that all travelers are vetted
through background checks before their arrival in Kenya.

“Beginning January 2024, Kenya will be a visa-free country. It shall no longer be necessary for any person, from any corner of the globe, to carry the burden of applying for a visa to come to Kenya,” president William Ruto said in his address at Uhuru Gardens in the southwestern part of Nairobi.

Under the new system, travelers must apply through an online platform, which will be unveiled shortly. After submission, a security check in collaboration with the traveler’s source country, will be conducted, with outcomes communicated within a week or two. The digital authorization will be free of charge, removing financial barriers for visitors.

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