Elderly drivers: Confused.com put OAPs to the test

Elderly drivers have been forced to pay out over £500 more just to use the roads as frustrated motorists hit out at “rip off Britain”.

Angry Express readers attacked the rises as a “war on motorists” as car insurance costs spiral out of control.

The frustration comes after new data from Compare the Market revealed elderly motorists over the age of 80 have experienced average premium rises of £222.

Those between the ages of 65 and 79 said costs were up 54 percent with fees £142 higher.

But, reacting to the news, some admitted they were paying even higher bills as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

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Express reader @forbsy explained: ”At 84 years with a clean slate, mine went up over £500!”

@Contax139 posted: “Last March mine went up from £173 to £365 for no reason, did another check day it was due and a nice young lady quoted me £132 with protected bonus as I do very low mileage, car done 8,500 from new in 13 years.

“I still get almost same cover including courtesy car from their approved repairer, if I use a different repairer they increase excess by £100. I don’t want insurance with frills.” (sic)

Another reader wrote: “My insurance is not due until next March, but a quote on a comparison site shows an increase of £200+.”

@wateruser added: “Mine has increased by £12 from £170 to £182 fully comp at the age of 71.”

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It left motorists to question rising fees when elderly motorists are statistically among the safest on UK roads.

Government data has revealed there were just 9,760 casualties between both males and females over the age of 70.

This compared to 43,880 casualties among 30-49 year olds and 38,803 among 17-29 year olds.

User @Mat E Lowe337 said: “Rip Off Britain strikes again. It’s a known fact proved by records that older drivers are safer drivers than the young. So once again we are subsidising the young and feckless!!”

@rwh commented: “Yet the stats show older drivers the safest in terms of accident rate for miles travelled. Rip off insurance companies yet again, nothing new.”

Another user remarked: “A War on Motorists is a War against the People, Enough is Enough.”

However, one user stressed they managed to secure a deal on their insurance by simply doing their homework and not settling for heavy costs.

@pootle130 said: “My insurance was due to go up by more than £100 and I shopped around and found a fully comp with all the conditions of my existing insurance for £180 and I am coming up for 76.”

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