A mum has been left heartbroken after "evil" thieves ransacked her home and stole her stillborn son's ashes over the weekend.

Chloe Robinson, 22, discovered her baby boy's Hunter's ashes had been emptied, leaving just remnants behind in their home in Connah's Quay, Wales.

The young mum said her son was tragically dead when he was born at 37 weeks and was bracing herself for the second anniversary of his death at the end of this month.

She claims it's the second time her home has been broken into in the past twelve months, but says what has been taken is now "irreplaceable", reports North Wales Live.

"I can't believe what kind of sick individual would do this," she said.

"I saw the damage to my flat and that was upsetting enough but when I saw that my son's ashes were gone, I just lost it, I was screaming and crying."

Amongst the items stolen were balloons which had been meant for Hunter's memorial party to mark two years since his death on November 25.

Not only were Hunter's ashes stolen, but thieves also damaged items from his memorial, including photos of Chloe and her son together.

"When you look at a child's ashes you know that's irreplaceable, it's all I've got to remember him by," she said.

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"I just can't imagine who would do this, they are evil and twisted scumbags.

"The whole flat was trashed, they even left used condoms on the couch, I just can't get my head around it, it's disgusting."

Determined that this won't spoil her son's memorial, Chloe is planning a special service to honour her son later this month.

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Chloe has also set up a fundraising page to help pay tribute to her beloved son and replace some of the items lost.

She said: "Trying to keep my head up in this time is so hard, but I'm still fighting for justice and I'm always going to fight to keep Hunter's memory alive."

North Wales Police confirmed they attended a burglary at an address in Connah's Quay and enquiries are ongoing.

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