The Yorkshire Ripper’s ex-wife has been told she can finally sell his home that has stood empty for decades.

Sonia Sutcliffe, 71, married the infamous Peter Sutcliffe in 1974, seven years before he was found guilty of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder another seven, which got him jailed for 20 life sentences.

The 71-year-old could now be set for a £280,000 windfall a year after her ex-husband died, having been declared the sole owner of the detached house they bought for £16,000 in 1977, the Daily Mirror reports.

Sonia knew nothing of Peter’s crimes until he was caught in 1981 and the Crown Prosecution Service would not pursue a proceeds of crime order against her as she was not involved.

This was despite the fact that some of the victims’ families were calling for the Bradford home to be sold so that they could receive compensation.

Peter Sutcliffe terrorised northern England from 1975 onwards with savage attacks across Yorkshire and Manchester.

The ex-lorry driver died last year, aged 74, after refusing Covid treatment.

Neil Jackson, 63, whose mum Emily was Sutcliffe’s second murder victim, said: “It makes my blood boil. We received no compensation, yet he had these assets.”

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In other news, paranormal investigators claim Sutcliffe’s ghost told them to go away after they contacted him.

Karl Hassall and Sam Singleton stood in the flat of one of his victims, Patricia Atkinson, known as Tina, whom Sutcliffe had murdered in 1977.

The ghost hunters used a spirit box to try to communicate with her and claim they made contact with Tina who called out to them.

But they say a male voice then came in, which they claim was that of the serial killer, who asked them to leave the scene.

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