North Korea has sparked fresh World War Three fears after threatening the US with "more powerful follow-up measures".

The chilling warning comes in response to joint military exercises by the States and South Korea, with the nation, under the strict leadership of Kim Jong-Un, claiming the drills are practice for a potential invasion.

A spokesperson for North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the US is the "chief culprit in destroying peace and security", the Associated Press reports as tensions in the region escalate.

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The anonymous spokesperson added: "If the US continuously persists in the grave military provocations, the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] will take into account more powerful follow-up measures."

They didn't specify what those measures would be, but with the secretive hermit state having threatened the use of nuclear weapons in the past, the harrowing claim has triggered fears that devastating military action could be on the cards.

The US-South Korean alliance have stated their "Vigilant Storm" air force drills, involving more than 200 warplanes, have been carried out in an effort to up their defence as North Korea increases its nuclear weapons testing, the Mirror reports.

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The high-security state has stepped up its own military activity, having fired more than 40 ballistic weapons this year alone and continuing to threaten the use of nuclear weapons in response to what they loosely define as crisis situations.

In fact, the statement comes just days after the DPRK fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea as part of an ongoing series of launches beginning in September of this year.

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Some of the launches have been described by the dictatorship as a practice for nuclear attacks on South Korea and the States – and this most recent test was reportedly the closest any missile has come to South Korea this year.

South Korea has already warned that their neighbour to the north may be preparing to detonate a nuclear test device for the first time in more than five years, with the last of its kind having been set off in September 2017.

The South said this could help to bring the DPRK closer to achieving its goal of building a nuclear arsenal capable of threatening America.


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