The world’s oldest person has celebrated her 119th birthday as family say she is determined to fight on for another year despite her weakness for sugary snacks.

Kane Tanaka, from Fukuoka prefecture in Japan, is not only recognised as the oldest person in the world but she is already the oldest Japanese person of all time.

The Guinness Book of Records officially recognised Tanaka’s status in March 2019, when she was 116.

Her goal is to now reach 120 with the help of staff at the nursing home she lives at.

Tanaka has managed to reach the staggering age despite admitting to having a soft spot for fizzy drinks and chocolate, which seem to have done her no harm over the years.

Speaking to new outlet Kyodo, Her 62-year-old grandson Eiji said: “I hope she remains healthy and has fun everyday as she grows older.”

Tanaka was born on January 2 in 1903, which was nine years before the first World War started.

She was born in the same year as the Wright Brothers made their first powered flight and was born before novelist George Orwell.

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Tanaka’s love of fizzy drinks first became known when she drank a bottle of Coke, which is her favourite, to celebrate becoming Japan’s oldest person.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions over the coronavirus pandemic, Tanaka has had limited contact with her family.

Instead, she has been kept happy and healthy by nursing home staff who says Tanaka reportedly uses gestures to communicate.

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Staff also say she enjoys board games and is challenged on a daily basis through puzzles.

Last year on Respect for the Aged Day, Tanaka was sent flowers by Fukuoka Governor Seitaro Hattori, which she expressed happiness through gesturing with a peace sign.

According to Japan Times, Tanaka was married when she was 19 and helped run the family’s noodle shop.

She also has five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren as of last year.

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