The last surviving member of an isolated Amazon tribe, who was known as "The World's Loneliest Man", has died at a suspected age of 60.

His decomposing body was found in Brazil, close to the Bolivian border, with the man having spent at least 26 years – nearly half his life – alone following the deaths of his friends and family.

He was also sometimes referred to as "The Man of the Hole" as he would dig down into the ground to create traps for prey or a place to hide from his own predators in the Amazonian jungle.

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And he died without anybody knowing his name or what language he spoke, as he would often warn fellow humans away with his bow and arrow or run off into the jungle's foliage.

His tribe had previously avoided almost all contact with the outside world, although officials from the Brazilian Government's Indian Affairs agency (FUNAI) had always continued to monitor him from a distance.

The man's body was found in a hammock outside one of the 53 straw and hatch huts he built, where he also cultivated gardens and grew papaya and corn.

He had laid macaw feathers – which are believed to boast healing powers in indigenous cultures – over himself, suggesting that he was attempting to cure an illness.

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The government have said he died of natural causes, unlike many of his fellow tribe members, who it is believed were murdered by ranchers keen on expanding deeper into the jungle in the 1970s and 1980s.

They are understood to have killed their targets by leaving out sugar laced with rat poison.

In the 1990s, the man's fellow remaining six or so tribe members were then shot dead.

The charity’s research director Fiona Watson said: "One can only imagine what this man was thinking, going through, living on his own, not able to speak to anybody because any outsider for him represented a threat, given his terrible experience."

In 1996, the man was captured on camera staring out from a straw hut with frightened eyes.

On seeing the photographer, he jabbed a sharpened wooden stick through the wall.

The man lived in 8,000 hectares of rainforest surrounded by cattle ranches and soy plantations, with FUNAI staff always looking for proof of his presence to avoid the government handing over the land to the ranchers.


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