A lady claims she suffered the holiday from "hell" after her travel agency messed up her "bucket list" booking which saw her end up at a loud party destination.

Joan Russell said she planned a milestone birthday in an idyllic part of Jamaica but was told her booking didn't exist when she tried to get on the bus.

She said she had felt isolated in lockdown so decided to book a luxury £2,056.95 holiday in Negril to celebrate her belated 60th.

But soon after she had landed at the airport, the traveller from Ontario, Canada, had realised something was wrong during her arrival on March 24.

Joan, who is used to booking nothing less than a four-star trip, said when she went to board the coach, the operator looked puzzled when he searched for her reservation.

“He asked for my name and said, ‘you’re not on here'," Joan said.

The seasoned traveller, who suffers from anxiety, said she felt like she was having a “nervous breakdown” after she was told that she didn't have a booking at the anticipated hotel.

“Immediately, I’m in panic mode. I went from zero to 100 per cent panic,” she added.

The 60-year-old added that she was forced to sit on the floor in the airport for several hours because it was so busy and claims she ended up spending over £160 on roaming charges so she could call the travel agency.

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She claims they told her that they had made a mistake and her booking was actually for a property in Montego Bay, which she said is more known for its party atmosphere and all-day drinking.

After finding out there were no flights home at the time, she was left with no choice but to "ride it out" at the other property, which she said she had to endure for six nights.

Joan said: "I was just so looking forward to this getaway and it was nothing but torture.

“I had hell. I didn’t enjoy a minute of this.

"For me, it was not my type of setting, environment. Nothing. The days just passed and I just wanted to be back home.”

After she finally returned home, Joan said the agency had agreed to compensate her £568.27, which only covered her roaming charges and some other expenses.

But Joan said she is yet to receive the money and reportedly hasn't heard from the Ontario based company since.

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She says she has been forced to contact Ontario’s travel regulator, the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO), to file an official complaint.

The regulator has since confirmed that the complaint is in the "early stages of processing", reports CTV News Toronto.

A spokesperson for TICO told the publication: “TICO is committed to completing its process which will include the requirement for the applicable travel agency to provide their position in writing to TICO and provide any supporting documentation or information requested to allow TICO to make its determination."

It has been reported that Joan has to wait until the process is complete and will receive an outcome from the regulator on the dispute.

“I feel like a victim and I’m tired of feeling like a victim,” she said.

“He said he was wrong, you are wrong, but you need to also now follow that up by making the consumer whole again.

“That’s what justice is: You make the person whole. You don’t take from them and give them something that they didn’t ask for.”

TICO have been contacted for comment.

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