A student who was pulled into a car by a man who called a "slag" and then punched her so hard her tooth fell out has spoken out in anger about women's safety.

Reegan Kay, 21, was mercilessly beaten unconscious after a man approached her in a Mercedes as she was walking home with a friend from a night out in Bristol.

The tragic fresher's front tooth was violently cracked to the root after the man pulled her into the car and punched her in the face while calling her a "slag".

She said that a separate group of men started hurling football slogans at her while she lay exposed and in pain on the pavement as the driver sped off.

Reegan, who studies English Literature at Bristol University, was rushed to A&E by a friend.

The student said she's been left paranoid by the vicious attack and "couldn't believe it had happened".

She said: "I haven't been anywhere on my own since. I don't go to the shop or anything. I always have someone there to stay with me.

"I get paranoid. I look at everyone and I think they have bad intentions.

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"Afterwards I was thinking it wouldn't have happened if I smiled at them or was nicer to them or was with a male friend.

"There was a period after where I felt so stupid and embarrassed. It really impacted my self-esteem."

Reegan is now left with a gap after the tooth had to be removed as it was cracked all the way to the root.

Describing the ordeal, she said: "We were 15 seconds from our front door and a car pulled up next to us and they started shouting at us to get into the car.

"We stopped because we were startled. They were asking where we wanted to go and we were like 'no, that's scary, you shouldn't be doing that to young girls'.

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"The next thing I know the guy grabbed me by my dress, dragged me into the car and punched me in the face and I was knocked out."

Reegan, from Durham, shared her ordeal in a Twitter post that has since received more than 3,000 'likes' to raise awareness of violence against women.

She said: "I wanted to show that this has happened to me and it's not right.

"Women should know that it's not something to be ashamed of and they don't deserve it.

"We need to speak about it – it's shrouded in so much shame. It doesn't just happen in some far off land, it happens on British streets every night.

"I don't know a single girl who hasn't had a man say something explicit or grope her or shout at her.

"These girls have brothers and fathers who aren't aware of what's happening."

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