A dog’s adorable response to being kissed by her owner has become a viral sensation on Reddit.

The heartwarming footage shows owner Abby lying on a bed with her Australian shepherd puppy.

She turns to face her and then gives her a kiss on the face.

The poor pup clearly has absolutely no idea what has just happened. She looks around for some sort of answer before giving Abby a comical side-eye.

Finally, the dog turns and returns the favour to her owner, much to her surprise.

The video was only shared to Reddit by user abbynormalislife nine hours ago, with the caption: “Kissed my best friend to see what would happen.”

But it has already been upvoted a staggering 125,000 times, with viewers’ hearts melting at the pooch’s reaction.

“That slight pause was adorable,” one commented.

Another wrote: “I love how the pup kind of looks around and then at the camera like ‘uhh.. do I do it back or?’”

A third added: “The dog’s ‘processing’ face is too much omg.”

“That side glance before kissing you back killed me, super cute pup,” a fourth said.

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  • Other viewers commented how their own pooches do similar things.

    “My pup does this but sometimes he does it in an annoyed way cause I keep kissing him until he does it back so he just side-eyes me and nibbles my nose and then licks it really impatiently and then he goes back to napping,” one said.

    It comes after another puppy’s cute smile after being adopted went viral on Reddit.

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