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A woman spat out a human tooth she had no idea was inside fish and chips, it is claimed.

She said she made the stomach-churning discovery while eating with a friend at a local cafe.

The woman, who was not named, told of her horror after having someone else’s tooth in her mouth for a moment while dining out.

She spat out the hard object and her friend pointed out that it looked like a discoloured human tooth.

She bought fish and chips from a coffee shop on Hougang Avenue 5 for £3.70 and shared the images on Facebook on July 6.

She has now deleted her post as it is believed she accepted the shop’s compensation and apology, according to local media.

Before removing the post, she told local media that she noticed something strange on her second bite of the meal.

She took the fish and chips back to the counter and was offered another meal in exchange, however she insisted on a refund.

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She said that staff members, who were reportedly shocked by the find, gladly reimbursed her.

Meanwhile, the Singapore shop owner contacted the client afterwards to apologise and said he would carry out an internal investigation into the incident.

He said the tooth did not belong to the two staff members on duty at the time and is speaking to his food suppliers to try to find out more information.

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The shop owner has also not ruled out the possibility of foul play and is considering sending the tooth for DNA tests to find out who or what it belonged to.

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