A woman claims she was left needing surgery after a man punched her to the ground and left her with a broken jaw during a horrific mugging.

Rosina Jepson, 30, says she had left a pharmacy in Streatham High Road, south London when she was grabbed from behind on her e-scooter and brutally attacked.

She said that a man in a balaclava had threatened to stab her if she refused to hand over her e-scooter at around 6.30 pm outside Westbury Chemist on Friday, October 8.

But she claims that she thought it was a joke because "it was daytime and there were so many people about."

Rosina told the Daily Star that she was only in the pharmacy for around two minutes before she had left and was approached by the man.

Speaking about the moment she was approached on her e-scooter she said: "I was literally going at the speed of walking when I felt someone pulling my coat behind me but I just thought it was somebody that I knew.

"I stopped and then when I looked to my right there was a young man with a black balaclava, I could literally just see his eyes – he had a black coat on with a blue hoody underneath and some black trousers."

The 30-year-old said at this point she still didn't take him too seriously.

"Obviously it's covid, everyone is wearing masks so I didn't think anything of it," she recalled.

But then he started to become aggressive and said "If you don't give me your scooter I'm going to shank you."

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"And then I said, 'you are going to shank me in the middle of the high street for a scooter are you being serious?'

She went on to say that she thought he was an "opportunist" because he sounded "quite young" and that he would leave her alone if it didn't work.

She added: "At that point, he put his hands down his trousers like he was ready to take something out so I got a little bit scared but I made the same statement again.

"I just couldn't believe the situation I just didn't want to let go."

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She added: "After I made the statement again, he took his hands out of his trousers and he was taking the shopping off my scooter."

The pub manager said that she "didn't want to make a scene" so approached the next person who walked closest past her and told her to alert the authorities.

She said that after she had called for help, he then punched her twice and on the second punch she had fallen to the ground which is when he took off with her e-scooter.

She added: "No one has been caught. My jaw is fractured in two places at the front and at the back. I've got two plates in, I've got screws keeping my jaw together and I have to be on liquids for two months."

Speaking about the medical care she received, she said: "The police came and took a short statement from me [ and ] they sent me home. They said if they call the paramedics it would take too long at that point my jaw was in pain. I was shaking."

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Rosina said that the police called her shortly after the incident and sent paramedics to her house.

"I was then told to wait for the swelling on my jaw to go down – I sat at home and listened to the medics [ but ] the next day I woke up and my jaw was bruised," she said.

"On Saturday [ October 9 ] I went to St George's Hospital in Tooting and as soon as I walked up to the reception [ they ] knew my jaw was broken with all the bruising and how swollen it was."

Rosina went on to say that she had surgery the following afternoon.

She added: "I've had loads and loads of painkillers and stuff like that so I'm not feeling the pain as much right now.

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"I do feel like I'm alright but I am a little bit worried about how I'm going to be because I manage a pub at the moment – so I get home late and I get on the bus and I get on the tube so I'm a little worried on how I'm going to be outside.

"It's the fact that he's seen my face but I haven't seen his face – I could be walking next to him on the street."

The 30-year-old went on to say that she wants him to be caught to ensure that he doesn't attack anyone else.

"I don't know if he has done this before or whether it was premeditated," she said.

"But he had a plan and he executed it and took my scooter."

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Rosina has since shared her ordeal on Instagram in a bid to help locate her attacker.

"I need to know what is going on. The police haven't got back to me so I need to do my part.

"I just want him to be caught and I just want him to know what he's done."

Daily Star have contacted the Met Police for comment.

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