Prince William and Kate Middleton are building themselves up as “Mr and Mrs King”, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “wild” and “impetuous”, a former friend of Princess Diana has claimed.

Tensions have reportedly been high between the two couples since the Sussexes’ departure from the Royal Family last year.

Stewart Pearce, who worked with Diana from 1995-1997 and helped her master her public speaking, has dismissed rumours of a rift – and claims the royals are still “very close”.

He argues that William and Kate backed Harry and Meghan’s move to Montecito in California, the US.

However, he believes that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are better suited to power.

Mr Pearce told the Daily Star: “What they’re doing is they’re measuring their own destinies, and it’s obvious that William and Kate are designed, I mean they’ve shaped themselves into Mr and Mrs King and Queen at the moment.

“They’re so shaped, whereas Harry and Meghan are impetuous, wild, maverick, who’ve been through almost three years of almost psychotherapeutic intervention.

“When you go through that you have a lens on life which is completely different from the ordinary person.

“You are up front, you are revelatory, and you are transparent about what ignominy you’ve been experiencing without revenge and without blame.

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“They haven’t blamed anybody, they’ve just stated fact. There’s been no vitriol expressed by either of them.”

Mr Pearce discussed the royals’ relationship and their interactions with their late mum in Diana: The Voice of Change.

Harry has twice said that he and William are on “different paths”.

Diana’s former confidante earlier said: “They’re not saying ‘therefore we are in animosity’.

“It’s just that the withdrawal mechanism, so to speak, that Harry and Meghan used had to be severe because of what they had been witness to.”

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Earlier this month, the brothers paid new tributes to Prince Philip in a preview of a BBC documentary.

The episode, which will paint a "unique portrait" of Prince Philip and his life, is due to air on September 22 on BBC One.

A new trailer began with William saying: "He's always been a huge presence behind everything we're done really."

Harry added: "What you see is what you got with my grandfather, he was unapologetically him."

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