A white teacher has been accused of forcing a five-year-old black pupil to unclog a toilet with his bare hands.

Karla Lasiter, who teaches at an elementary school in the US state of Arkansas, has been put on administrative leave according to KATV.com

The claim was made by the boy's grandmother, Tami Murry, who took to Facebook to write a long post about the alleged incident at Crystal Hill Elementary School in the city of North Little Rock.

The toilet was reportedly full of faeces while the grandmother also said that the alleged incident has caused her grandson anxiety.

Ms Murry wrote: "She (her daughter) said Ashton's (my grandson) teacher made him but his hand in the commode and clean out his faeces and tissue because he stopped up the commode.

"I want this teacher to never ever do this to a black male student again!

"This child is 5 years old in kindergarten. He is a young black male and this was done to degrade him, and it will cause him to have anxiety, he keeps telling everyone what happened!

"I am not stopping until this is handled properly!

"We have to protect our black males but decent and in order! This woman had the nerve to say she didn't know why she did it after admitting to it!"

Ms Murry added that she did not know whether the alleged incident happened due to "racism or pure dislike" for her grandson.

Fox26 reported that another parent said a similar thing happened to her daughter under a different teacher at the school last year.

Ms Lasiter and the school have been contacted for comment.

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