It has been revealed that Melania Trump's chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds was worried that the Trump family were "going to look like the Beverly Hillbillies" when the family visited Queen Elizabeth for a state dinner in 2019.

Ms Reynolds also reportedly added that the they would be "an embarrassment to the whole country" to Stephanie Grisham, her successor in the role, who revealed the episode in her new book.

Ms Grisham worked as press secretary for the first lady, previously serving as a campaign aide on the 2016 Trump campaign, The Independent reports.

In her book published on Tuesday, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, she described working in the Trump administration like being in a "clown car on fire running at full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks”.

Ms Grisham alleges that Ivanka Trump was called "The Princess" by most of the White House staff.

She also claims that Ivanka and Jared Kushner attempted to get into the meeting with the Queen along with the then-President Donald Trump.

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Ms Grisham wrote: "In early June 2019, President and Mrs Trump were invited to a state dinner in the United Kingdom hosted by Queen Elizabeth II. All of us at the senior staff level would get to attend as well.

"We were all beyond excited, but none more than the Trump children,” she added.

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"It was the only trip in all four years that every single member of the family expected to attend. All of them wanted seats at the state dinner that the queen would be hosting, as well as the dinner at Winfield House, the US ambassador's residence."

The press secretary writes the trip was a "good example" of "the complications caused by Jared and Ivanka’s various ideas and requests".

According to Ms Grisham, Lindsay Reynolds had "dreamed of meeting the queen since forever".

The author and press secretary says she was "hell-bent on making sure the Trump kids didn't ruin it for her just so they could be 'seen'".

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"In particular, it seemed that she intended to move heaven and earth to keep the kids off of Air Force One," she added.

Ms Reynolds reportedly managed to keep the Trump children off of the presidential plane, which the writer claims sparked an outburst from Mr Trump.

“He let it be known that if anything else went wrong with his children on that trip, Lindsay would not be coming back to the United States with us.

She added: "She was on his s*** list for a long while after that and I felt terrible for her."

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