BBC Weather: UK set for 'limited sunshine' and cloud

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A recent UK State of the Climate report revealed the country is experiencing higher maximum temperatures and longer warm spells than ever before. This will likely be a continuing trend in the face of climate change and increases in global temperatures. Flash flooding, heatwaves and lightning storms have all been seen as extreme weather events become more common due to climate change. But when will the August heatwave hit the UK?

New weather charts and forecast maps have shown a potential late summer heatwave could be headed for the UK.

The latest maps from various forecasters reveal there is a possibility of an extremely sunny end to August with highs of 25C expected.

This could mean warmer than average temperatures for the late August bank holiday weekend.

A new forecast from the MeteoGroup, published on the BBC website, suggests that the warmer than average spell could extend into September – although that may not be the case for the whole of the UK.

There is growing confidence in the warm forecast for the end of the month with sustained sunny spells likely according to the forecast.

The BBC weather forecast reveals the sunny spell will begin on Saturday, August 21, with temperatures of 25C likely.

For the week of August 23 to 29, the BBC forecast reads: “We have high confidence in the high pressure and above-average temperatures, but lower confidence just how warm it will get as this will be very sensitive to the exact position of the high.

“As high pressure sits overhead for longer, it will help warm up the air stuck in place overhead, so we anticipate that temperatures will be widely above average for many of the days.

“With this comes an increased chance for a heatwave to develop.”

The Met Office predicts heatwave conditions to hit next week when conditions will become drier with more sunshine.

The weather will feel humid and rather warm from the north.

Thereafter there is a signal for settled conditions to become more dominant across most areas with largely dry weather.

However, there still remains the possibility of showers in places, with perhaps some longer spells of rain in the north or northwest.

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Temperatures are expected to be around average, although there is an increasing possibility that some very warm spells may develop later in the period.

This may also bring the chance of thundery showers, especially in the south.

Any more prolonged dry and settled weather is most likely in the southeast.

Temperatures are expected to be near average, perhaps warmer in the south and east.

Netweather maximum temperature maps show highs of 26C could hit parts of the South East of England on Saturday.

The 6pm map for August 21 reveals several areas across London and the South East likely to see temperatures of 23C to 26C.

Elsewhere temperatures will range from 13C to 21C for the rest of the UK, with warmer temperatures anticipated across southern areas.

The Netweather map does not reveal temperatures reaching as high as 26C for the beginning of next month, but the temperature mpa does forecast highs of 23C in some places.

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