Insulate Britain have ­truly become Insult Britain.

Never in the history of protesting have a bunch of middle-aged, middle-class tossers set back a cause as badly.

Their latest cunning stunts –and the temptation to switch a few of those letters around is enormous – involved blocking traffic pinch-points on some of London’s busiest roads.

Wandsworth Bridge and the Blackwall Tunnel were the targets, and both proved beyond doubt that these morons care not one jot for climate change and humanity, just about their own deluded selves.

On the bridge an ambulance was caught up in the resulting jam and, thank God, some fellow drivers did what the police should have done from day one.

They grabbed the “protesters” by the scruff of their scrawny necks and dragged them to the side of the road. Heroes!

In other shocking scenes, this time at the tunnel, a sobbing, ­distraught woman was reduced to begging “activists” to move so she could get to her 81-year-old mum in hospital.

They ­refused. The police watched. Your heart breaks.

Not that one wants to encourage any form of violence but tempers and patience are now running extremely short and all the time the forces of law and ­order (hollow laughter) stand by offering protesters tea and sympathy it’s going to get worse.

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Especially when you consider the attitude of this group’s leader, Roger Hallam.

When quizzed on holding up ambulances carrying dying ­patients he chillingly admitted he would refuse to move. What a selfish, sick, heartless bastard.

And for what? What reason is he willing to let innocent people die? The unrealistic demands they are making of the greenest Government we’ve ever had will never be met or even considered all the time they use terrorist tactics.

We’ve had two weeks of this tarmac-hugging insanity now and nothing has been achieved.

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Let’s not forget that Hallam is so extreme that even the zealots over at Extinction Rebellion (a group he co-founded) want nothing to do with him.

The split came after he dismissed the Holocaust as “just another f***ery in human history”.

He has also called for those “responsible” for climate change to face Nurem-berg-style trials and suggested they should receive a “bullet in the head” as punishment.

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Maybe they’d like to start with the convicted heroin dealer amongst their ranks who used to hide his wares beneath the blanket covering his wheelchair-bound wife’s knees as he pushed her round the streets of Cambridge.

In court she claimed she was a victim of his domestic abuse. Nice guy.

Then there’s the idiot who ­revealed that he was concerned for his and his son’s health this winter because they suffered from “fuel poverty”. The fact he hadn’t worked for 20 years was neither here nor there.

So huge shout out to the ­drivers who dragged these ­unemployed and unemployable planks out of the way. And can the police PLEASE take note. Not orders for hot beverages.

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