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    It's the news nobody wanted to read in these troubling times – Wetherspoons have hiked the price of a pint.

    Everyone loves a cheap drink from 'Spoons but now even their prices are becoming "too expensive" for people to enjoy one of life's luxuries, especially in London.

    The price of a guest ale is shooting up by a whopping 29% – taking the cost of a guest ale from £3.39 to £4.39.

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    Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “ We can confirm that prices have increased at 15 pubs in London, including The Ledger Building in Docklands.

    “These are located in central London locations including The City.

    “Central London and The City have higher overheads than our other pubs and as a result prices here are higher than in our other pubs across the UK."

    They added: “Wetherspoon aims to be competitive on pricing at all times, however, on occasion, prices in its pubs do rise.

    “We still believe that our prices for beers, spirits and wine are amongst the best value in their respective areas.”

    Wetherspoons customers have taken to Twitter to discuss the recent price hikes and many aren't too impressed.

    One user said: "Just seen some Leeds fans, drinking at Victoria Station Wetherspoons. They've all got straws in one pint, as it's too expensive for around."

    Another added: "Its name is 'Wetherspoon'. But when you get there the beer is poor and expensive."

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    Elsewhere, the prices of wine and other types of alcohol are also on the increase too.

    It comes as wine suppliers are set to pay 45% to 70% more for their glass bottles next year, as energy costs drive up their prices.

    One wine firm described the rise as “absolutely eye-watering” and said consumers could face “big increases”.

    Other alcohol price rises come after former Chancellor Jeremy Hunt axed plan cuts to income taxes.

    In a statement, he said: "We will no longer be proceeding with the cuts to dividend tax rates, the reversal of off-payroll working reforms introduced in 2017 and 2021, the new VAT-free shopping scheme for non-UK visitors or the freeze on alcohol duty rates."

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