The Netherlands is the latest country to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak with a lockdown.

The coronavirus death toll in the country has risen to 20, after eight more people died this weekend, and the Dutch government announced a lockdown of all non-essential businesses at the weekend.

The restrictions are expected to remain in force until at least April 6.

Education Minister Arie Slob said in a press conference: “It has become clear that it was impossible for many schools to remain open, as many teachers were already sick at home and because of safety risks.

“Therefore we have decided to close all schools and daycare centres.”

Speaking directly to panic buyers, Mr Slob added: “Do not hoard, it’s not necessary there is enough to go around.”

But Dutch pleasure-seekers aren’t taking any risks, they’re stocking up on all the essentials for a month-lock lockdown.

Photos from the Netherlands capital, Amsterdam, show queues extending around the block from some of its famed coffee shops – because locals are bulk-buying weed .

The city’s infamous sex clubs are also closing their doors in response to the coronavirus crisis.

There are more than a hundred coffee shops selling legal marijuana in Amsterdam, mostly concentrated in the city’s Red Light District.

They usually have printed menus displayed on the walls. Customers can choose from weed, hash, pre-rolled joints, and sometimes "space cakes," which are most commonly chocolate brownies baked with THC oil in them.

A month’s supply may not be enough. The Dutch authorities are already warning of more restrictions to come.

Healthcare Minister Bruno Bruins said yesterday:"I am certain these will not be our last measures, the situation keeps developing very rapidly and we will keep deciding on further measures based on the knowledge of experts.

"I cannot speculate on what measures these will be, but it is clear that more will follow."

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