Premier Doug Ford appealed to Ontario’s business community Saturday, asking that any company that can produce medical supplies reach out to the provincial government amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“We need ventilators, face masks, surgical gowns, protective eye wear, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, swabs, medical gloves, and lab testing equipment,” Ford said.

“My message to business owners in Ontario is this: If you can retool your business to make these products, if you can supply these essential items, we need to hear from you right now. If you need funding to make it happen, we’ll find a way to help you.”

Ford said there is a shortage of medical supplies and equipment around the world and in Canada.

The provincial government has since launched a web page called Ontario Together where businesses can go and make pitches.

“We know what we need. We know the products that are in short supply. We know what we need here in Ontario and just as important, we know what our neighbouring provinces and what our fellow Canadians need,” Ford said.

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