A vehicle drove through a crowd demonstrating in support of Black and Indigenous people on Thursday afternoon in Ottawa, according to video posted on social media.

A video of the incident, streamed live on Instagram by the Ottawa Black Diaspora Coalition, appears to show an SUV pushing through demonstrators blocking traffic at the intersection of Laurier Avenue and Nicholas Street in Ottawa.

A clip posted to Twitter shows protestors lying across the hood of the car as other demonstrators yell “shame” and call on nearby police to intervene.

An officer is seen walking alongside the car as it moves through the crowd and speaking to the driver on the side of the road afterwards.

There is no word yet of injuries associated with the incident.

Global News reached out to the Ottawa Police Service for comment on Thursday afternoon and was told by a spokesperson the OPS currently had no report of a collision at the location.

The event is a demonstration of solidarity in support of Anishinabeg and Black Lives.

Among the demands of the protesters are a freeze on the Ottawa Police Services budget, the removal of police from contested Indigenous territories and an end to dynamic entry warrants.

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