A shocking video circulating on social media has sparked an investigation by Chinese authorities, as it appears to show a worker from the renowned Tsingtao brewery urinating into a tank believed to contain ingredients for its popular beer.

The video, tagged with the location “Tsingtao Beer No.3 Factory,” captures a worker dressed in company uniform and a helmet, scaling a high wall to access the container before urinating inside it.

Tsingtao, one of China’s leading beer producers and its largest exporter, swiftly responded to the controversy.

The company reported that it promptly alerted the police after discovering the video and assured the public that the batch of ingredients featured in the video had been securely sealed.

Reports from local news outlet The Paper revealed that authorities in Pingdu City, where the Tsingtao factory is located, initiated an immediate investigation upon discovering the video.

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The Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration of Pingdu City confirmed that they had assembled a team to conduct an on-site inspection.

Subsequently, the entire batch of ingredients shown in the video was sealed to preserve evidence.

In a statement released on Friday (October 20), the bureau emphasised their commitment to a thorough investigation. They stated that they would treat the matter with utmost seriousness once all details were confirmed.

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Additionally, it was disclosed that neither the person behind the camera nor the individual seen in the video were direct employees of the company, as revealed by an internal source cited by the National Business Daily, a reputable business outlet.

Tsingtao, a brewery with a longstanding reputation, has faced significant public outcry as the video continues to circulate online.

Authorities remain steadfast in their efforts to determine the authenticity of the video and take appropriate action, ensuring the integrity and safety of one of China’s most iconic beer brands.

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