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He is Freddy Krueger from Nightmare of Elm Street, the Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue of American politics.

Anthony Scaramucci

However, Mr Scaramucci – otherwise known as The Mooch – believes his former boss will nevertheless be “resoundingly beaten” by Democrat opponent Joe Biden. Mr Biden, 77, is currently leading in most opinion polls – but Mr Scaramucci, who is backing the former Delaware senator, advised him not to count his chickens. He said of Mr Trump: “He is Freddy Krueger from Nightmare of Elm Street, the Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue of American politics.

“And just when you think he’s in the last scene, with 14 days to go you cannot write him off.

“And I will only be celebrating when the credits are off the screen and the lights come on in the theatre.”

Mr Scaramucci was appointed to the role by Mr Trump in summer of 2017.

But he only lasted 11 days before he was fired by new White House chief of staff John Kelly after the New Yorker magazine ran a story featuring caustic criticism of Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s former Chief Strategist as well as the former executive chairman of Breitbart News.

Admitting with hindsight it was a job he probably should not have taken, he added: “I made a lot of mistakes taking the job because Steve Bannon had blocked me from my original job so I had my ego and pride involved.

“So as a cautionary tale which I try to explain in my book, don’t put your ego into your decision-making.

“It would have been left well alone and better served if I had stayed in New York and not served for President Trump.

“But I did not do that and I got my pride involved and he wanted me to fire Bannon and Priebus and I was working on that before I got fired.”

Explaining his reasons, Mr Scaramucci said: “I guess my thought was at that time I could help on the communication side if he would let me.

“It was clear to me by the second or third day of the job that he was not going to let me do that, that he was all about creating his own communication.

“Which he is still doing to this day – he is still the communications director in the White House.”

Mr Scaramucci has no regrets – and offers no excuses – about the circumstances in which he lost his job as a result of a conversation with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza which he believed at the time to be off the record.

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He said: “A mistake I made, which I am fully accountable for, got me fired.

“I did something 53 million other people did. He said some very obnoxious things about women, some very obnoxious things about Mexicans and others.

“But I equivocated and I voted for him and supported him and went to work for him because I was thinking about power.

“I was holding my nose in order to do this.”

With reference to Mr Bannon and Mr Kelly’s predecessor Reince Priebus, he added: “Those guys got fired too, which was very good for the country.

“And he and Donald Trump being together is a bridge too far for most people so I am happy that he is no longer there.”

Mr Scaramucci also believes even if his comments about Mr Bannon had not been published, he would not have been in the job very long.

He explained: “As I said to Steven Colbert on television, I thought I’d be there longer than a carton of milk.

“But I was always going to get blown out because once he started with the Charlottesville stuff, I would never have been able to accept things like ‘there are fine people on both sides’ as Mr Trump was saying in the Charlottesville situation.

“So I don’t think I would have lasted. Look at the people who got blown out – anybody who had a backbone, anybody that doesn’t have a financial tie to Mr Trump – like Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson – has left the building.

“There is nobody there that has a level of financial independence or a lack of necessity to Mr Trump.

“In other words, all those guys were serving on behalf of the country, they weren’t there serving their own personal or pecuniary needs.”

As a result, Mr Trump has surrounded himself with people who have a vested interest in keeping him happy, Mr Scaramucci said.

He added: “Ultimately he is now left with a group of people that are either there for their own political purposes, or they are related to him, or they are making money out of him, but they are not there for patriotism.

“Patriotism requires you to speak out against him.

“He is a demagogue – he is a threat to the institutions of our democracy and a threat to the checks and balances of our democracy.”

Mr Scaramucci chronicles his time working for Mr Trump in his 2018 book Trump, the Blue Collar President, in which he is strongly supportive of the billionaire New Yorker.

Explaining his reasons, he said: “I thought it was important to do that from a Republican Party perspective and also as a man.

“I prize loyalty to my staff and I always try to be loyal to them.

“I have always told my staff if I have breached my symmetrical obligation to be loyal to them then they have a right to breach their loyalty to me.

“Trump breached his loyalty to the country.

“For example when you are saying things like there are very fine people on both sides, when you are denigrating the intelligence agencies, when you are saying that the press is the enemy of the people, when you are saying that the Congresswomen known as the Squad needs to go back to the country that they originally came from, when you are now saying that you are possibly not going to accept a peaceful transfer of power.”

Describing Mr Trump as as “bully”, he added: “I can no longer be a supporter of this man.

“I spoke out in August of last year at his height of popularity.

“The economy was humming and everyone told me he was totally a lock for re-election and that I was on a kamikaze mission and I would be the lone Republican to speak out against him.”

Despite being fired, Mr Scaramucci has remained in contact with Mr Trump for almost a year afterwards – with one of these conversations offering an insight into his election strategy.

He said: “I have spoken to him on a few occasions since – either I have called him or he has called me.

“The last time I spoke to him he was quite sore at me. I spoke to him Easter Sunday morning, April 21, 2019.

“He called me and wished me a happy Easter but he then went at me and because I had written an op-ed, in which I had said the press was not the enemy of the people and explained that we had to respect people’s rights to say whatever they feel and he should be less sensitive about what people are saying and concentrate on doing a good job.

“And he didn’t like that and he berated me for doing it.

“I then said well don’t you want moderates, don’t you want independents?

“And he then said to me something which I thought was very seminal and which has proved to be true.

“He said: ‘I’m focused on my base – I’ll let everything else take care of itself’.

“And that is how he is going to operate.”

It comes as Mr Bannon has suggested if the 74-year-old loses, he will run again in 2024 – but Mr Scaramucci dismissed the idea out of hand.

He said: “No chance, this is now or never for him.”

And he believes Mr Trump will be left with no choice but to admit defeat, adding: “He will concede because he is going to be resoundingly beaten and he will have no choice.

“Remember the US military has talked to the Secret Service about it and they have decided it will be the Secret Service that forcibly remove him.”

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