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Urban explorers discovered what they believed to be a Premier League footballer's abandoned mansion – and it was full of cannabis plants.

The house proudly displayed the words "Players Lounge" on its red brick exterior and featured a number of luxury amenities including a pool, tennis court, and built-in fish tank – all of which sit empty, unused and dirty.

The urban explorers even shared images to Facebook of a football trophy in the derelict kitchen.

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The page Urbex Lost & Found captioned the images: "The mansion that had a huge drug grow inside this was once home to a premier league football player a few years back also had a pool tennis court."

While they didn't disclose the location of the home – or the identity of the footballer who had allegedly once owned it – they shared shots of the outside of the home, which opened out onto what appeared to have been a driveway now overgrown with weeds, as well as its once-luxurious interior.

Fans were quick to comment on the post, which so far has amassed over a thousand likes and nearly 200 comments.

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One asked: "Which player did it belong to?", prompting the page to respond: That would make it a bit too easy to find".

Other images showed what appeared to be a living room sofa in tatters and a dozen cables still plugged into the wall, but snipped so as not to attach to anything.

Elsewhere was an overgrown tennis court covered in moss, and what appeared to be a pool covered in dirt that looked like it hadn't been used in years.

But perhaps the most striking about the property were the tens of bin bags filled with cannabis plants littering the floor.

There were even huge black pots all over the building's interior still filled with soil, which were possibly once used to grow the drugs.

More fans swooped in to comment on the makeshift weed factory, with one adding: "Definitely a big operation".

Another said: "Hard to believe that they didn’t confiscate the evidence."

Meanwhile a third chimed in: "Looks like a Breaking Bad scene."

And many were simply baffled at the sheer wealth the footballer must have had to abandon a once beautiful property with personal affects inside.

"The throw away society has gone to far if you can now just abandon a house," one bemused fan chimed in.

Urban explorers often discover bizarre secret locations across the UK, and in a similar find, adventurers Matthew Williams and Martin Gavin discovered a drug farm hidden in an underground Victorian labyrinth in Bristol.

"I've been looking for this place for literally about 20 years," Matthew said in a video taken during the expedition as the pair descended through a manhole into the vaulted chamber.

Others have found even more terrifying locations, including a "demon house" in the woods of Mere Brow, near Southport, where explorer Daniel Sims, who goes by Beardedreality on YouTube, found terrifying messages scrawled on the walls including one which said: "Get out save yourselves."

Uploading a video to YouTube, Daniel investigated the terrifying home last month, discovering messages that read "he used the knife out of this kitchen" and "leave this house now" scribbled on walls and doors.

Leaving the home he said: "What a creepy little place, I guess it is a demon house".

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