A Ukrainian beauty queen faces being banished from Russian -controlled Crimea after she sang a banned song by mistake.

Olga Valeeva, 34, has been left devastated after her citizenship application was cancelled as civilians try to change their residency status to Russia.

According to Russian state media, people are applying for the switch in a bid to secure their futures in the occupied region.

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The mum-of-two trusted she would be approved following her success of being voted Mrs Crimea-2022.

With a growing social media following, she had decided to entertain her fans by singing the Ukrainian song "Chervona Kalina" – unaware that it was linked by Russia with "Ukrainian fascism" and was a banned song.

She said: "I thought it sounded nice and an ordinary Ukrainian song, I didn't know the background and it's crazy to suggest that me, as a mother of two children, would risk my entire life here for a two-minute song. As soon as I found out I asked for it to be deleted, but it was too late."

Crimean State Duma deputy Leonid Ivlev demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs "deal with the incident" and they later issued a statement confirming that she would no longer be allowed to apply for citizenship.

The statement said: "The application for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation of a 34-year-old citizen of Ukraine, found guilty by a court of committing unlawful acts aimed at discrediting the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as public demonstration of prohibited sym.bols, was rejected."

She had reportedly sung the song with a friend right after winning the contest, and had been punished at the time, and when the conviction was discovered, it was used to also make sure citizenship was refused.

The ministry added: "As a result of the measures taken, the police detained the offenders and brought them to administrative responsibility. One of them was sentenced to an administrative arrest for a period of 10 days, while the other received an administrative fine of 40,000 rubles."

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