UK Weather: Met Office forecast temperatures to drop

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According to latest WX Charts, temperatures are set to plummet as November begins to come to an end and December begins. By midnight on November 30, temperatures in London will be around -2C as the month comes to an end.

However, Birmingham and the Midlands will see temperatures plummet to -7C as the freezing weather continues to batter the country.

Based on the latest charts, the country will experience freezing temperatures as early as Monday November 22 with Britons expected to wake up to -0C temperatures across the country.

The whole of Scotland – from Edinburgh all the way up to Inverness – will see temperatures fall to 0C.

The freezing weather will continue down into England as the likes of Newcastle and Cumbria will also see 0C.

Although London, the Midlands and the south east will see milder temperatures, it is unlikely to reach higher than 4C in the capital.

The cold weather is predicted to continue throughout the rest of November as winter officially arrives.

By 6pm on November 25, Scotland will still see the brunt of the cold weather, with Inverness set to see temperatures plummet to -1C.

The likes of the north east of England will also see temperatures of around 0C and -1C.

Like before, there will be milder temperatures for London and the south of England, with temperatures reaching up to 6C in the capital.

This milder weather will not last long as the freezing weather will descend down the entire country.

Based on the latest WX Charts, the entire country will be cloaked in frost and possibly snow as the temperatures drop.

London and the south east are expected to see temperatures of around 0C by midnight on November 29.

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Going up the country, Wales will see temperatures of between -2C and -1C – with Newcastle and the north east set to see weather plummet between -1C and -4C.

As always, Scotland will experience the bitterly cold weather the hardest as temperatures in the Highlands will dramatically drop to -10C.

These freezing temperatures will continue into the last day of November with the entire country seeing weather below minus 0C.

Inverness and the Highlands will see temperatures plummet to -12C.

Temperatures will also drop to -5C in Edinburgh, while Newcastle and the north east are predicted to see freezing tempratures of around -4C to -6C.

In the south of England, temperatures will be milder than the rest of the country but will drop below 0C.

Those looking for a break from the Baltic weather are expected to be disappointed as the freezing temperatures will continue into December.

By 6am on November 30, Scotland will see temperatures plummet to -12C while Newcastle and the north east will continue to be around -5C.

The rest of the country including Cardiff, London and Birmingham will all see temperatures plummet between -4C and -2C.

Thankfully, this big freeze will only last for a few days as temperatures will increase slightly 0 although not above 0C – as December begins.

By midday on December 2, temperatures in Scotland will rise from the dramatic -12C to -5C in Inverness.

Edinburgh and the north east of England will also see the weather jump up to -2C.

Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, London and the south east of England will also remain cold with temperatures varying from -1C down to -4C.

The Met Office’s long range forecast for November 24 to December 3 reads: “The weather will generally arrive to the UK from north, bringing colder conditions and intervals of rain or showers.

“Wintry showers likely over high ground, and possibly falling to low levels at times.

“High pressure will linger around the west and southwest of the country, allowing for more settled conditions now and again with the chance of some sunny spells at times but also feeling cold, with overnight frost likely.

“Fairly breezy throughout the period but when any clearer and calmer conditions prevail it will lead to some overnight fog.”

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