Met Office forecasts temperatures to rise as weather settles

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According to the Met Office, from Friday and over the weekend temperatures will be in the mid-to-high 20s for many. However, in the far northwest it will remain cloudier and cooler with rain at times.

The situation remains the same into the start of next week, which means further dry and sunny weather and temperatures climbing higher during Monday and Tuesday, likely peaking on Tuesday with temperatures possible in the low 30s in part of England and Wales, and high 20s elsewhere.

Louise Lear, from BBC weather said: “Over the next few days, it looks like we are going to see more sunshine and more heat developing.

“Perhaps into next week, it’s going to get a bit too hot for some of you. We will start Thursday on another cloudy, grey note.

“Early morning sunshine in eastern Scotland and eventually the cloud will turn to melt away and the sunshine will start to build.

“The only exception is a little more cloud running in the north-west of Scotland, with highest temperatures on Thursday afternoon recording at 25C.”

For an official Met Office heatwave, specific thresholds, based on the region, must be met for three days running.

Areas with lower heatwave thresholds, especially southwest England and south Wales are more likely to reach heatwave criteria from Thursday onwards.

Elsewhere with the higher thresholds, the chance of an official heatwave is more marginal, although it’s possible they could also reach their heatwave thresholds from Sunday.

Ms Lear continued: “It will be a relatively mild start to Friday morning, temperatures wildly into mid-teens once again.

“On Friday, another dry, settled, sunny day in prospect.

“With sunshine coming through, the temperatures are going to respond into the high 20s.

“As we move into Saturday, the temperatures in England and Wales will be seen around 27-28C and that trend continues through the weekend and into next week.

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“Infact, heatwave could be here to stay with temperatures wildly into the low 30s for many, it could be too hot for some.”

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