The Met Office has seven weather warnings in place across England today. Four warnings have been issued for snow, with the Met Office writing “Snow is likely to bring a brief period of travel disruption to parts of Scotland and Northern England early on Friday.” The warnings have since been extended to cover parts of western Scotland as well, which is also due to see snow fall this afternoon as the weather chaos continues. 

Key Points: 

  • Temperatures plummeted to -10C in parts of Scotland last night
  • Up to 20cm of snow is expected today 
  • Met Office has a number of warnings in place for snow, ice and rain
  • Met Office warnings show heavy rain and sleet are expected in parts of eastern England 

Meteorologist at the Met Office Alex Burkill said the “most significant snow” would likely fall in England, Cumbria and the Pennines. Some areas on high ground above 400m could see up to 10cm of snowfall today. Follow below for the latest weather updates. All times are in GMT. Refresh your browser for the latest news. 

8am update – ‘Significant’ snow 

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkill said: “That’s a significant amount of snow, especially this early in December. 

“The snowiest months are usually a bit later into winter, January and February, and it’s also very early in December at the moment.”

The Met Office explained the cold spell is expected to last until Friday, but that the weekend would see brighter weather and even sunshine in some places. 

7.30am update – Snow forecast for today 

The Met Office said: “We have rain, sleet and snow across a broad swathe of Scotland and northern England. 

“Wet snow is also falling this morning across parts of Kent. 

“This may spread northwards, giving some snow over the Wealds and Downs of southeast England.”

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