A UK supermarket is set to make all of its wines vegan.

Vegan wine drinkers who shop at SPAR will soon be popping corks to celebrate being able to enjoy a wider range of their favourite tipple.

The move comes as more than 500,000 people in the UK pledged to try being vegan this month as part of Veganuary.

While wine is mainly made from grapes, animal products can be used in making the drink.

The plonk is often filtered through "fining agents" agents to remove protein, yeast, cloudiness and colourings.

These fining agents often contain bone marrow, milk protein, fibres from crustacean shells, egg whites, fish oil and gelatin which is made from boiling animal parts.

Corks can also be made with ingredients including bees wax and milk-based glues.

Vegan wine uses plant based fining agents instead and wine experts say there is no different to the taste.

Other vegan wines just avoid the fining process which some connoisseurs say leads to deeper flavours.

An article on the ThinkWineGroup website states: "People have probably enjoyed vegan wine without even realising it – many vintners and wine manufacturers won’t advertise the fact that a wine is vegan on the labels."

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Adam Georgiou, Brand Manager for Own Label Beers, Wines and Spirits at SPAR UK, said: "More than half a million people took part in Veganuary 2021 and 85% of those surveyed said they planned to at least half their intake of animal products after January, but it’s not just vegans driving the demand.

"People are increasingly looking for vegan products, regardless of their eating habits or lifestyles, so the time is now to create more inclusive ranges that tap into what our shoppers are looking for.

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“We’re confident that there’s now something for everyone – whether they’re vegan, flexitarian or meat eaters who just love a nice glass of wine.”

All wine from SPAR’s 2021 vintage will be suitable for vegans but SPAR is asking shoppers to check the back of bottles for the vegan logo if they are unsure.

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