He's the 14-year-old psychopath who found causing pain 'orgasmic' and boasted that he enjoyed hitting children.

But now Craig Mulligan will spend his life in prison after being found guilty of the vicious murder of his stepbrother, 5.

'Pure evil' Mulligan was today unmasked as one of the central perpetrators of the barbarous murder of Logan Mwangi.

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Together with his stepmum Angharad Williamson, 31, and his own dad John 'Jay' Cole, 40, Mulligan inflicted the type of wounds typically seen in high-speed car crashes on the defenceless child before dumping his body in a river.

When police combed the river Ogmore in Bridgend, South Wales, on July 31 last year, they discovered poor Logan had suffered 56 external cuts and bruises, and “catastrophic” internal injuries.

And unfortunately prior to Logan's murder, the warning signs for evil Mulligan were clear to see.

Once described as 'pure evil' by the unwitting foster carers who invited him into their homes in the weeks before Logan's death, Mulligan moved through his young life with palpable malevolence.

He had a well-documented history of "cruel" attacks on young children, vulnerable adults and small animals using his training in martial arts to deliver as much pain as possible.

The Mail reports that on one occasion, Mulligan attacked the family dog by spraying deodorant in its eyes and pulling its back legs high up following an operation.

One foster carer said: "He was pure evil and enjoyed causing anxiety and fear. He knew no boundaries."

In previous hearings, the court also learned of a vile song Craig Mulligan sang about harming children.

He was reportedly overheard by a care worker singing: “I love kids. I f****** love kids. I love to punch kids in the head. It’s orgasmic.”

For eight weeks in June and July 2021, the beast lived in the care of foster parents who said they were unable to cope with his scary behaviour.

The family, who have fostered 80 children over almost 50 years, lived at home with one daughter at the time they invited Mulligan in.

However, they were soon forced to do what they'd never done before and request the child's removal.

Mulligan showed his nasty side on the first night after showing their daughter a vape and a knife.

The foster parents said he was "just uncontrollable" and that "everything was killing” with him and they would regularly find knives hidden behind his pillows.

On one occasion, they went to a local park and he was heard to say: "Shall we play murder and I will put you all in black bags?"

On another occasion they went to the cinema to watch In The Heights, the Lin Manuel Miranda musical set in New York, and the teen shouted out "Kill all the Jews!" at the top of his voice during the film.

One said: "Why didn't they pick up on [Logan] and put him with a lovely little family?"

“In my eyes I knew that he could do something like that, it was scary. You never knew what to do or say with him."

The teen would also repeatedly talk about how much he "hated" Logan and "wanted him dead".

They said they told of their misgivings to his social worker but were dismissed.

They said: "It was just horrendous. We were totally drained.”

Bridgend Social Services were aware that the foster family had been unable to cope with his behaviour.

However, despite Mulligan's sinister behaviour, social workers dismissed concerns as "nonsense" just weeks before little Logan died reports the Mirror.

Mulligan was then moved into the family home just five days before the murder – a cruel fact described as "not a coincidence" in court.

His tragic move was approved by a family court judge after it was supported by Mulligan's social worker Debbie Williams.

At the conclusion of the trial today (June 30), Mrs Justice Jefford ruled that monstrous Mulligan was no longer entitled to anonymity and could be named and pictured.

Delivering her conclusion in respect of the reporting restriction covering him, the judge said: “A crucial part of the case is the family dynamics and his relationship with the adult defendants and Logan.

“Evidence heard at trial was that Craig idolised his father and his attitude towards Logan and involvement in his death was to a great extent driven by that relationship.

“A central aspect of the narrative leading up to Logan’s death was how Craig Mulligan came to be in the family home and the correlation of his role in Logan’s death.”

  • Teen, 14, sang 'I love to punch kids in head, it’s orgasmic' after Logan Mwangi death

She considered representations made by Mulligan’s barrister John Hipkin QC that publication of the defendant’s name could lead to risks of physical attacks or suicide attempts.

The court heard Mulligan was assaulted at his placement before his conviction after someone discovered his identity.

Mrs Justice Jefford continued: “There’s a significant gap in any understanding of this case and the circumstances of Logan’s death…. There is a real risk of ill-informed information or a vacuum in that part of the case.

“This was a very serious offence involving a brutal and ferocious assault on a small child in the home where he should have been safe. [Mulligan’s] involvement was in my view significant.

“I have sentenced him on the basis he inflicted physical injuries on Logan and participated in the callous plan to dispose of his body in the river along with the pyjama top and along with John Cole participated in pretending to look for him. He gave a complex but untruthful tale about what happened…

“The attack on Logan that led to his death was wholly different nature and level of seriousness to anything that had or may have happened before, a few days after Craig Mulligan had been returned to the family home from foster care.

“This reinforces the submission the family dynamic was an important aspect of this case that needs to be understood. It is in the public interest to understand how and why that took place.

“There is due to be a safeguarding review in the public interest and reporting of it will be difficult with an inability to report the familial relationship.”

Mulligan was sentenced to life imprisonment (with a minimum term of 15 years) alongside his vile parents who were also given life.

Speaking since his son's death, Logan's biological father Ben Mwangi told ITV news that Angharad Williamson had blocked his number in the lead up to his son's death.

He said: "She blocked my number. For the past five years, I've been struggling and trying to fight just to see Logan. She made my life an absolute misery. All I’ve wanted to do was just be a dad.”

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He continued: "The wonderful memories I have with my son will never be tarnished. They will forever be in my heart and soul. I loved him so much and somehow I have to live my life knowing that I will never get to see him grow up to be the wonderful man I know that he could be.”

A Child Practice Review to determine whether social workers and other safeguarding professionals failed to intervene and save Logan has been launched.

A spokesperson for Bridgend Council told the broadcaster it is fully participating and it would not be appropriate to comment further until the review was concluded.

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