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A TV channel was forced to cut a segment from a report on Vladimir Putin when a naked woman almost exposed herself.

Two studio presenters were about to interview Russian expert Dmitry Elovsky on what was being billed as a “meeting of two dictators”, between the Russian leader and Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko.

Viewers could see Elovsky, 34, deputy editor-in-chief of independent Ukranian Dozhd TV channel, as he was being by asked presenter Anna Panova: “Everyone is interested in what Lukashenko is asking from Putin….?”

However, there was an awkward pause as Elovsky could not hear the questions being asked by the host on the Ukraina TV channel.

He asked a person off-camera "is something happening there now?” before saying “I can't hear anything.”

Suddenly the camera swung round evidently showing his technical assistant, who appears to be naked from the waist up.

Elovsky can be heard shouting “Quiet, quiet, quiet,” as his naked assistant quickly spins the camera back to him.

The presenters remained professional as they did their best to suppress smiles and Maxim Sikora told viewers: “We will get back in touch with Dmitry a little bit later.

“As I understand it there are technical issues….”

Panova said: “Meanwhile we will continue on the same theme.”

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Lukashenko had flown to Sochi to meet Putin after a week which saw the West impose sanctions on him over the forcing down of a Ryanair flight.

Lukashenko political enemy Roman Protasevich, 26, and his Russian girlfriend, Sofia Sapega, 23, were detained after the plane landed in Minsk escorted by a MiG-29.

Putin took Lukashenko on a boat trip during a two-day stay during which a $500 million Kremlin loan to be paid in the near future was agreed.

A spokesman for Putin in regards to Minsk dictator, said: “He is free to come, leave, stay overnight, just like Russian citizens do.”

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