Truckers reckon the only way to save Christmas from Britain’s driver shortage is to tackle a lack of toilets on the road.

Drivers are warning the crisis won’t be solved unless bosses stop forcing them to work in horrendous conditions.

These include having to hold in their pee for hours.

Harrie Vogels, 67, a Holland-born trucker who has lived in England for 20 years, said: “My cab is my house, it’s my office, it’s my kitchen, it’s my bedroom and it’s my working space.

"It’s against human rights. They have to let you go to the toilet!”

He added that some firms have cameras in the lorry cabs trained on drivers 24 hours a day.

They want to make sure that the vehicle is always travelling.

Some drivers are only paid when the vehicle is moving and lose money when they have to wait up to a day for customers to take overnight deliveries.

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The nation faces disaster this winter, with a lack of turkeys on shelves at Christmas as the nation’s shops and supermarkets struggle to get products in stock.

There is a 90,000 HGV driver shortage in this country caused partly by Brexit and the coronavirus crisis added to some training issues.

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