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People were caught on video jumping out of their skin when a "tree" jumped out at them.

In the clip, uploaded on YouTube by prankster Alvin Hub, he films people walking to Formby Beach in Merseyside while he is perfectly disguised as a leafy bush next to a fence.

As people walk next to the prankster at the Victoria Road entrance to the beach, he suddenly jumps out at them making many victims scream in terror only to burst out in laughter moments later.

Some people laugh at the reactions of their unsuspecting friends and others stop to chat to the "bushman" after being made fools of, reports Liverpool Echo.

Alvin Hub wrote in the video's description: "Everyone was so focused on getting to the beach, but never saw the bushman standing close the bush under a tree.

"I have never had such a wonderful moment filming pranks this has been the best so far."

He also claimed his intention was to "spread the love" and remind people that when they smile they are "perfect".

The video has been viewed almost 80,000 times, with thousands of likes.

One user commented: "Aww they so adorable and love when they say 'OMG' lol."

"Everyone's a thug until the bushes come at you," joked a second.

A third person quipped: "An excellent place to stand and be disguised by all the other green vegetation…until it tries to GRAB YOU!"

Meanwhile, other people said they had witnessed the prank and wanted to see themselves in the clip.

One said: "I was there look at my profile I was the girl that said oh she’s filming and my dad is the one in the white top that got scared lol and my whole family was there lol."

"Noooo gutted! You pranked me but I’m not in this video, any chance I can get it?" asked someone else.

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