A 12-year-old autistic girl and her grandmother who were taken hostage by Hamas have been found dead, according to the Israel government.

Noya Dan and her grandmother Carmela were among those who were taken hostage by the terrorist group on October 7, but it has now been sadly confirmed that their bodies have been found.

In a message on X, Israel said: “We are devastated to announce that Noya and her grandmother Carmela’s bodies were discovered yesterday.

“Thank you to all of you who shared her story to help us bring her home.

“Our hearts are broken.”

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Israel previously described Noya as “sensitive, kind, funny and a massive Harry Potter fan.”

Noya and her grandmother were captured in Kibbutz Nir Oz, an Israeli community near Gaza attacked by Hamas 13 days ago.

Their burned bodies were discovered near the Israel-Gaza border fence by ZAKA Search and Rescue workers, although the exact location was not confirmed by Israel.

The devastating news was initially confirmed on Facebook by individuals close to the family.

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Just a week before the tragedy unfolded, Noya’s mother had recounted the heart-wrenching final conversation she had with her 12-year-old daughter before the abduction.

Ms. Dan, located five miles away, was sheltering in a panic room when she received a voice message from Noya: “Mummy, I’m scared. There are people in the house – help me.”

Noya and her grandmother, Carmela, huddled in darkness at Carmela’s home, exchanging text messages in silence while explosions rocked their kibbutz.

Their communication abruptly ended after Noya sent a frantic message, and they vanished without a trace.

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