A drug lord known as 'Tony Montana' – who also happens to be the brother of the most wanted cartel boss in Mexico – has been arrested.

Antonio Oseguera Cervantes was seized by the Mexican Army and National Guard at a safe house in Jalisco on Tuesday morning (December 20) for his role in helping run the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Antonio's younger brother Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes – known as El Mencho – is the most wanted man in Mexico. The US government is offering $10million (£8.26m) for information leading to El Mencho's arrest.

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According to a press release from the Mexican government, Antonio is an alleged "logistics operator" for the CJNG involved in "money laundering".

He is also thought to have been "in charge of acquiring weapons in large quantities" and "coordinating violent actions against antagonistic groups".

When he was arrested, authorities seized seven firearms, ammunition, a package of cocaine and two vehicles.

"The arrest of Antonio [Oseguera Cervantes] represents a forceful blow to one of the criminal organisations in the country, since it is considered in its structure, as one of the alleged main logistical and financial operators and generators of violence," authorities said.

Antonio was first arrested in 1996 on heroin charges in the US. He was deported to Mexico and resumed drug trafficking activities.

He was arrested again in 2015 in Mexico and charged for drug trafficking and being in possession of military-exclusive firearms, although he was eventually released on a technicality.

In 2016, the US sanctioned him under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act for helping the CJNG.

It is unclear whether he'll be extradited to the US now.

El Mencho's son Rubén Oseguera González, known as "El Menchito", was arrested in 2015 and extradited to the US in 2020 where he remains awaiting trial.

El Mencho’s daughter Jessica Oseguera González, known as "La Negra", was arrested a week after her brother's extradition when she travelled to the US to visit him.

She was released in March after spending nearly two years behind bars for violating the Kingpin Act.

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