A family has claimed that their Christmas Day was ruined by dodgy service and bad quality food at a Toby Carvery.

The reviewer left a scathing one-star review for the eatery in Willerby, East Yorkshire, after shelling out £55 per person.

The family were told to book a time slot and arrived 15 minutes early but were warned there was a long wait by staff, Hull Live reports.

Things didn't improve when the food came and the family were left feeling less than festive by their experience.

The review read: "We had booked for our Christmas Day dinner. A three-course meal including carvery at a cost of £55 each.

"On the day we received a text saying to be sure to arrive in plenty of time for our slot.

"So, we duly turned up 15 minutes before our booking. To be then told they were running very late and to have a drink in the bar area and wait to be called. Which we did.

"Once we were called for our 4pm booking it was 4:35pm. This with our 15 minutes early now meant we had been waiting 50 minutes."

It was an inauspicious start for the family and they were already extremely hungry by the time they sat down at their table.

It would be a further 20 minutes before they were able to tuck into any food as the staff didn't seem to realise they had already selected their starters.

When the food did arrive it wasn't what they were expecting for the price they paid, leaving them disappointed.

The reviewer wrote: "We were directed to our table but then had to wait another 10 minutes to be asked what we wanted for our starter and waited a further 10 minutes to receive it.

"This was even though we had pre-booked the meal and said beforehand our choice for starters.

"The starter arrived which was pate and the greenery on the plate was wilted and not edible. Then we went to the counter for our carvery.

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"The selection seemed to be fine however the Yorkshire puddings were soggy, the roast potatoes had never seen the inside of an oven, the carrots were mushy and the beef was so chewy it also was inedible."

The dinner had already been a disaster, so the family decided to cut their losses and have dessert at home as they were already late for the rest of their celebrations.

They wrote: "By this point we were so late to pick up our grandchildren that we asked to take our pre-booked dessert and cheese board with us.

"This took a further 10 minutes. All in all, not value for money whatsoever.

"Your staff when emptying a table would take one or two items at a time which meant to clear a table, four journeys would be needed and a further to clean it. No wonder the bookings were so far behind."

A Toby Carvery general manager took to Tripadvisor to reply to the review.

They wrote: "Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience. We are disappointed to hear that you are not satisfied with your visit."

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