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Theme park fans made their disappointment in the Halloween events at Thorpe Park known after reportedly queueing for hours and 'barely getting on any rides'.

They also said actors 'weren't bothered' and appeared bored when they visited the park.

Many guests at the Chertsey theme park, which claims to be the UK's "most thrilling theme park", expressed their disappointment at the highly anticipated Fright Night event.

Fuming visitors complained of huge queues and bored actors a week after Thorpe Park pointed the finger at guests themselves, MyLondon reported.

Ellie Reeves said: "We went yesterday and thought it was so disappointing compared to last year! Wasn't scary at all considering it is supposed to be a 'Fright Night'.

"Barely any scare zones and the ones that were there, the actors didn't seem bothered towards the end of the day!"

Others reported actors claiming they were off-duty when confronted by frustrated horror fans.

Twitter user Jamie posted angrily: "Quite disappointed @ Thorpe Park, it's a peak day, 10 quid a maze and there's barely actors in any of them.

Anthony Kennedy was even more furious, saying he drove two hours and spent £200 on 'nothing frightening'.

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He said: "Thinking of going to Thorpe Park for Fright Night this year? Don’t. It’s massively oversold. Every ride is like 100+ minutes queue.

"The scary mazes and rides were all sold out before we even got here – we didn’t even know we’d have to book. Even fast track tickets are sold out.

"Even the support people said they were oversold. Back to back people crushed next to each other for hours, during Covid!

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"I won’t waste a Saturday of my life on this again. Family time is precious."

Thorpe Park has been approached for comment by the Daily Star.

Last week the theme park released a statement after chaos regarding overcrowding was reported.

They said there was a "huge demand" with half-term families and guests coming to the park alongside the sunshine.

The park added queues into the park were slightly longer to ensure robust safety and security measures.

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