A royal expert has said that the Queen would want us all to "keep calm and carry on" as news breaks that her family are flocking to her side.

Speaking on BBC News, Phil Dampier, said that given the tough times the world has been through "this is the last thing we need really" and that she'd "been the glue" through a number of dark periods.

But, adding a positive end to his words added, "but I think she would be the first person to say 'keep calm and carry on!'"

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Mr Dampier said: "The fact that all the family are gathering up at Balmoral – I think we can all read the room and tell what's happening.

"It's clearly a very very serious situation. I think possibly something has happened in the last 24 hours, I don't know whether she's had a stroke or something, or what's happened but she seemed frail the other day when she met Liz Truss."

Mr Dampier continued: "She's looked fairly chipper and fairly sort of happy in herself.

"It's only a couple of weeks ago I was shown some photos of Balmoral of her walking her corgis in the grounds – It's only a couple of months ago we told she was actually having a trot round the grounds of Windsor castle back on her horse.

"She's tried to keep her normal life going, her duties going as head of state right up until the end.

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"She always made it clear she was never going to abdicate and we're all praying she pulls through – but at the moment it is looking like it is looking a little bit worrying."

Asked about the contrast between the events of today and those of her on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the Platinum Jubilee, Mr Dampier said: "It's just wonderful that she was able to make it to that Platinum Jubilee.

"I mean 70 years, she's only behind now Louie XIV as the second longest reigning monarch in history anywhere in the world and he came to the throne as a child. It's absolutely extraordinary and Liz Truss was of course her 15th prime minister, Winston Churchill was her first.

"She's been the glue, hasn't she, holding the country together and this is quite honestly, with everything that's been happening with the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, with war in Ukraine this is the last thing we need really. But I think she would be the first person to say 'keep calm and carry on!'"


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