A 1984 BBC movie showing a complete nuclear annilation of the city of Sheffield has left many viewers traumatised.

A short clip of the film, Threads, recently resurfaced on social media, to give a glimpse of what would happen should Russia decide to go full force in a potential World War 3.

In a distressing scenario, people have only 15 minutes to evacuate after the weapon was fired.

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The clip shows the public getting panicked on the street when a single warhead explodes high above North Sea.

"Energy pulse burns out many electrical systems, massive damage to communications across Britain and North West Europe," a message on a computer screen popped up.

When the missile hits the targe, the explosion releases a bright light that can be seen by millions people from far away.

The impact causes massive damage to the city of Sheffield – buildings reduced to ashes and homes destroyed.

Residents run on the street to seek for shelters but the aftermath of the first-wave attack will result an estimation of "blast casualties" between two and nine million people.

About two-thirds of houses in Britain will be within possible fire zones.

Nearly 40 years on, the movie remains one of top BBC shows of all time and viewers are still getting sick feelings of it.

"Still one of the most horrifying films I’ve ever seen," one said.

A second wrote: "Threads has stayed with me like no other film, utterly horrifying."

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A third added: "And Vladimir Putin is threatening to use these…"

"I remember seeing this scene on youtube years ago, and it lingered with me for a long time just watched the film for the first time," a fourth added. "Truly a harrowing couple of hours."

Earlier this week, Putin's doomsday submarine carrying autonomous drone nuke torpedos was reported to have been spotted off the coast of Norway.

Belgorod, a 30,000-tonned nuclear-powered vessel, is dubbed a "city killer" and claimed to have the ability to "plunge Britain into the depths of the sea", said Dmitry Kiselyov, a TV propagandist for Putin.


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