A tech mogul who has spent millions in a bid to maintain his youth has swapped blood with his young son.

Internationally-known biohacker Bryan Johnson is worth almost half a billion dollars and has developed a reputation for spending a lot of that keeping young.

He has previously claimed to have turned his biological clock back by eight years with tests appearing to show lungs, skin and even erections all performing in a way expected from a younger man.

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His Project Blueprint comes as part of a wider ambition to retain youth through pioneering approaches – which now includes this latest development.

Mr Johnson has now received plasma from both his 70-year-old father Richard and 17-year-old son Talmage.

At a clinic in Texas, the three underwent transfusions and saw the youngest and oldest members give up a litre of their blood.

This was then separated into various parts – plasma, platelets and red and white blood cells.

All of this was then swapped with the middleman in a bid to freshen up old blood with new, repair damage and help reverse the ageing process.

His son Talmage gets the shortest end of the stick by getting older blood but his actually helps rejuvenate his father, according to the study.

Richard seems to be the biggest winner as he gets a blood transfusion from his son Mr Johnson, dubbed one of the healthiest on the planet.

The maverick has become a central focus among circles of people looking into the realities of reversing ageing and his doctors reckon he’s managed to lower his biological age by five years in the last two.

The founder and CEO of brain monitoring tech firm Kernel has previously undergone plasma donations from an anonymous donor.

His father Richard told Bloomberg: “Yeah, I won the lottery. There has to be a benefit in getting this much volume of him.”

As well as the blood infusions, Project Blueprint is an extremely involved study to take part in with a variety of strict exercises, a precise diet and Bryan even gets his pelvic floor blasted with electromagnetic waves.

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