A student polished off a half white, half milk chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg without realising it could have won him £10,000.

A Willy Wonka style Easter egg hunt was launched by the chocolate giant earlier this year as they made just 146 to be sold on shop shelves across the UK.

With only a week remaining before the competition expires, one man took to Reddit to reveal he ate one of the special treats totally oblivious to its significance.

The penny finally dropped when he saw an advert for the promotion a few hours later with the foil wrapper buried in a public bin, Mirror reports.

He said: "I am an international student studying in the UK, and so I don’t really keep up with the ads here.

"A few months ago, Cadbury released 146 prize-winning eggs across the country with the chance of winning a range of cash prizes including £10,000 (which is half my university tuition).

"Long story short, I was scrolling through Instagram today and saw the prize-winning egg that looked identical to the one I ate a couple of hours ago.

"It then dawned on me. I potentially ate £10,000."

The man's blunder has left him facing "utter defeat" as he comes to terms with the potential jackpot he missed out on, as he added: "I don’t actually know what else to say other than utter defeat. I think I have officially hit the lowest point in the short 21 years of my life."

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While finding one of the rare Creme Eggs is a difficult task in itself, the chances of actually bagging £10,000 are very slim – as only six of the 146 winning eggs are actually worth the top prize.

The six eggs were hidden in an Asda, Co-op, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and an independent retailer, while a further three eggs worth £5,000 on sale in a Waitrose, One Stop and a Booker shop.

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Four eggs worth £1,000 are being sold across Iceland and Booths stores, and there are 12 eggs with prizes of £500, while the rest are scattered throughout participating retailers and are worth £100 each.

Commenters on the Reddit post were sympathetic to the man's plight, but many of them suggested he may be able to salvage his prize if he kept hold of his wrapper.

One person claimed: "To claim, you simply call a number that’s printed on the tin foil wrapping of the winning egg."

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