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A student bagged her "rugby boy" neighbour after making paper airplanes for him reading "marry me" and sticking her Snapchat username on her window.

Francesca Burrin, 20, had her eye on fellow University of Liverpool undergraduate Joe Pearce, 21, for months.

She spotted a lad throwing a rugby ball up and down behind her garden wall and started spying on her crush.

The anatomy and human biology student scrawled romantic notes on paper airplanes and even pinned up a sign on her window featuring her Snapchat username to entice the lad.

She and her housemate started knocking and whistling, but Joe and the other students "pretended they weren’t interested".

Francesca said: "Jasmeena said 'why don't you put your Snapchat on the window'. We didn't hear anything but about three days later, someone added me on Snapchat and it was him.

"I put an 'at' sign which said '@rugbyboy Snapchat = Francesca Burrin'. His nickname was 'the rugby neighbour'.

"His first message was 'you must be the neighbour then' or something like that.

"We talked for about two months and didn't agree to go on a date or anything. We knew who each other was and followed each other on Instagram.”

The pair started dating in May and even had to self-isolate together after Francesca caught coronavirus.

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Francesca added: "It was make or break but we got on. It made us get on even more.

"We're not living in that house anymore because we're going into our final year of uni, so we're not actually neighbours anyone.

"I took my chance while I had it and thought it wouldn't matter if it didn't work out because I wouldn't see him again."

Joe, who is studying biomedical science, had enjoyed watching Francesca and her friends spying on him from their home for weeks before getting in touch – admitting they 'weren't the most subtle'.

He admitted he and the other boys "fell about laughing" after spotting the note in the window.

He said: "We didn't really speak much then we were out one night drunk and the boys were on at me to get them out. They came out and met us then that was it then.

"We'd just got together then the next day, just as I went back to my house, Francesca text me saying 'I just got a positive covid test'.

"I didn't want to stay in the house so she said 'you might as well come and isolate with me'. I was straight back in the back garden with my bag then.

"We've been together about two and a half months now and things are going well."

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