UK weather: Met Office forecasts blustery showers

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Storm Claudio has battered southern England from Kent to Dorset overnight with winds speeds of up to 70mph hammering against isolated coastlines. This was caused by a small area of low pressure, according to the Met Office, which has been following an easterly pathway. The strongest winds hit the Channel Islands and northern France, but many reported feeling the gales rattling windows in coastal towns. The storm was named by Meteo France and is due to lapse this morning – but its aftereffects will be present for much of this week. 

Met Office chief meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: “The biggest impacts from Storm Claudio are expected in northern France, which is why is has been named as a system by Météo-France. What it means for us in the UK is for some high winds to be possible along much of the southern coast of England.”

After Storm Claudio moves eastwards early today, what’s left behind is a showery day for much of the UK, with Wales and areas in southern and central England likely to see the most frequent of showers. 

NetWeather’s senior forecaster Jo Farrow spoke in her blog post about how the first day of November will bring a gloomy day for many – with stormy weather and even hail. She said: “This little, but spritely, low pressure runs across southern Britain and out over the North Sea by Tuesday morning swinging its fronts up over North East Britain.

“Sunshine and showers follow for Tuesday but there will be more heavy showers over southern Britain by mid-afternoon. Again, there will be the risk of thunder and hail.”

She added more about how this blustery November pattern will ruin the October warmth many have got used to: “The second half of October has been strangely warm with top temperatures in the high teens even low 20s Celsius.

“This week we will lose the strong southerly flow which has brought this very mild air all the way up through western Europe. There are southerly blips along the way but overall, the UK will see a more westerly airflow off the Atlantic and temperatures will fall to where they should be in early November.”

The Met Office also predicts more wet and windy weather for people on Wednesday, with more low pressure moving in from the west.

This time winds are likely to be strongest along the Irish Sea coastal areas – including western Wales, northwest England and southwest Scotland, as well as the east coast of Northern Ireland. 

This has constituted a second yellow weather warning in place for tomorrow covering these areas from 7am to 6pm. The warning says: “A spell of very strong southerly or southwesterly winds will affect some western coastal areas during Wednesday.

“Gusts of 55-65 mph are expected, especially in exposed coastal locations, with some sudden strong gusts of wind possible at times. Some further heavy rain is also likely during Wednesday, especially across parts of south west Scotland, Cumbria and western Wales.”

Deputy chief meteorologist Steven Keates added: “Within the warning area, gusts are expected of between 55 and 65mph. This is associated with low pressure moving towards the northwest of the UK, which is bringing with it some heavy rain on Wednesday, especially across parts of southwest Scotland, Cumbria and western Wales, although much of the UK will see some rain through the day.  

“In addition to high winds in the warning area, many parts of the UK will experience strong and gusty winds, at least for a time, during Wednesday.”

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In terms of the outlook for the rest of the week, NetWeather’s Jo Farrow added: “So, it won’t be as warm as it has been and there will be bouts of wind and rain as the jet stream steers low pressures our way.

“One such low on Wednesday looks to bring very wet and windy weather from the west. In the wind and rain, it will feel cold by day and Tuesday night looks cooler with temperatures more widely down to 3 to 6C. Early Friday looks colder in the north but there should be milder air from the south for the weekend.”

The Met Office forecast from Thursday to Saturday continues: “Changeable with spells of wet and windy weather interspersed with drier, brighter interludes. Windy at times with gales along some coasts. Temperatures close to average.”

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